“I breathe, I attack” – and other inspirational cycling quotes

We love a good cycling quote. So imagine our delight when our client Trasé – they of the high-end, Scandinavian-designed bike kit –released these new cycling socks featuring multiple Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault’s quote:  “AS LONG AS I BREATHE, I ATTACK”.


As our copywriting team got busy on the product description, we couldn’t help thinking about what other great rider quotes we’d like to see stitched onto various bits of our bike kit to inspire us to ride harder/faster.

A quick straw poll in the studio came up with these favourites from across the decades:

1. “Shut up, legs.” (Jens Voigt)

Where:  Bib-shorts (top of thigh)

Jens, the most quotable and probably best-loved rider in the modern peloton, never fails when it comes to mental motivation. This, his classic mind-over-matter slogan, has already made its way onto a host of t-shirts, the odd tattoo and of course his own bike. If you’re flagging at any point in a ride, looking down to see hard-man Jens’s invocation staring back at you, you’re bound to dig just that little bit deeper.

2. “If you brake, you lose.” (Mario Cipollini)

Where: Gloves (back of hand)

Practical advice on how to avoid being a loser, from the ultimate all-or-nothing rider (remember that zebra-print skinsuit?). Next time you’re in a bunch sprint, or flying down a tricky descent, you’ll look at your gloves and pause before grabbing the brakes. Full speed ahead – Captain C’s orders.

3. “Cycling is suffering.”  (Fausto Coppi)

Where: Jersey (back pockets)

One from the archives – a simple, almost existential message from Il Campionissimo, and one that we’d have on the back of our jersey as a warning (or bluff) to whoever is trying to hang on to your wheel. Just to remind them – in case they’re thinking of making a move – it’s going to hurt.


What are your favourite pro-rider quotes, and where would you like them printed (or tattooed!)? Like our Facebook page and post a reply, for a chance to win a pair of the Trasé Coolmax socks featured above.

Author: George Wright Theohari

Branding | Content | Design. We develop and deliver beautifully effective communications across print, digital and film. enquiries@speakmedia.co.uk http://www.speakmedia.co.uk

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