Content Brand of the Week: Lazy Oaf, the fashion brand that’s far from lackadaisical

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Lazy Oaf? Sounds like a provocatively-named weight loss clinic.

Close, Lazy Oaf is an ultra-cool, cult label that started out as a market stall in East London, with a penchant for playful prints and out-there designs. Lazy Oaf clothes are now stocked around the world and worn by the likes of James Franco, Cheryl Cole and Little Mix.

Ultra-cool? East London? I can picture the lensless thick-framed glasses and ironic snapbacks as we speak.

Actually, you’ll be pleased to hear that Lazy Oaf expertly treads the line between cool and contrived, with a self-aware sense of humour in its designs that sometimes eludes other brands.

And does this knack for ‘mega-lolz’ extend to the brand’s content?

It does indeed, Lazy Oaf has a blog and a Tumblr page, as well as the usual Twitter and Facebook accounts, and is adept at conveying its big personality across all four. We especially enjoy the main blog and the way the editorial team leverage content out of their colleagues (including the head designer’s dog) by getting them to choose their favourite pieces from the range – crafty low-cost content creation at its best. There’s also a regular digest of the weird and wonderful world of web humour, with editors picking out four stories each week that have done the rounds of the Lazy Oaf office.

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A post from the Lazy Oaf blog

Sounds like Lazy Oaf is bringing its DIY, market-stall mentality to its marketing?

Exactly! People care about brand stories and the more of these stories they hear, the more likely they are to love the brand. This kind of ‘behind the scenes’ content is a great means of engaging consumers in a more human way that billboard ads and glossy videos can’t.

So they don’t bother with traditional ads and the like?

While we can’t be totally sure, we’ve never seen a Lazy Oaf ad across print or digital. The brand is great at keeping abreast of any PR coverage and reposting that to its social accounts. As well as all the behind the scenes stuff there’s also loads more fun fashion and lifestyle content; Instagram photos of the latest Lazy Oaf prints, lookbooks uploaded to their website, free-to-stream music mixes and playful promo videos.

That’s a pretty comprehensive list, is it all delivered with the same quirky sense of humour?

Indeed it is, that consistently applied personality and tone is what we love about Lazy Oaf – some fashion brands can have a tendency towards pretension so it’s really refreshing to see one using compelling content to make itself more accessible.

Agreed. Pretension is so ‘two-thousand-and-late’.

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Author: Tom Owen

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