Monday Funday; Bacon Bling, Hipster Troll Carwash and Whale Song

Monday Funday is our weekly round-up of the great, and not-so-great, in funny branded content. We’ve got three picks for you this week which will hopefully raise a smile and get you through the Monday blues.

Go on ladies, make your men happy.

Bacon to men is what diamonds are to women. Or so suggests Oscar Mayer’s latest tongue-in-cheek campaign: ‘Say it with bacon’, which parodies the generous romantic gesture. The humorous spoof certainly tickles your funny bone, as well as your taste buds, which is why this clip should come with a warning sign: DO NOT WATCH WHILE HUNGRY.

HTC is… Hotdog Throwing Cactus?

Random is what comes to mind when thinking about HTC’s new $1 billion campaign ’Here’s To Change’, starring Iron Man legend Robert Downey Jr. Yes, we get it, HTC, you’re quirky, but has the campaign landed on the right side of funny? We’re still contemplating whether this befuddling commercial is good, bad, or just plain weird.

From the ha-ha-ha-archives

When Holiday Inn’s ‘Whale Song’ clip surfaced in our office, we marvelled at its simplicity. It takes ‘comfortable work space’ behaviour to new extremes, leaving you mesmerised and speechless, but wanting more.

Where next?

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