Monday Funday; Hello Flo, Vytautas and Philips

Monday Funday is our weekly round-up of the great, and not-so-great, in funny branded content. We’ve got three picks for you this week which will hopefully raise a smile and get you through the Monday blues.

The red badge of courage

What is it about mail-order toiletry brands that makes them so good at creating viral video content? Two weeks ago we brought you Dollar Shave Club’s hilarious ‘Our blades are f**cking great’ video, and then Hello Flo goes and kicks it up a notch with their new mini-short ‘Camp Gyno’. This video has been setting the marketing mags alight and doing the rounds on social, with very good reason. It’s bold, it’s funny, and it’s something we definitely haven’t seen before.

And now, something weird from Lithuania…

Next up is some brilliantly barmy Baltic branded content (thanks to Keit, our multi-talented marketing intern who hails from Estonia, for suggesting this one). Below is a tv ad for Vytautas Mineral water, which originally only aired in Europe, but has since been translated and uploaded to YouTube. We kind of recognise the format from the spoof ‘Powerthirst’ energy drink videos, but whether this is meant as a pastiche or a straight up rip-off we’ll let you decide for yourself. Either way this is a smashing piece of utterly bizarre content so strap yourselves in, it’s about to get weird.

From the ha-ha-ha-rchives

Every week we’ll bring you a piece of funny brand content from previous years. This week it’s Nigel and Victoria, a strange ‘sit-commercial’ produced by Philips and starring ‘The Thick of It’ actor Ben Willbond and Dutch actress Victoria Koblenko as the titular characters. The show’s humour centres around marketing exec Nigel’s awkward and inappropriate crush on TV gadget presenter Victoria – who conveniently works on a show that reviews exclusively Philips products. The jokes are as thin as the premise and the products are crowbarred in, but we love Philips for trying this and hopefully we’ll be seeing more brand-comissioned comedies in the future.

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Author: Tom Owen

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