Monday Funday; Dollar Shave Club, KIA and Reebok up in this humpy bumpy

Monday Funday is our weekly round-up of the great, and not-so-great, in funny branded content. We’ve got three picks for you this week which will hopefully raise a smile and get you through the Monday blues.

Our viral video is f***ing great

If you haven’t heard of Dollar Shave Club, you’re in for a real treat. DSC created this awesome viral ad last year to announce their arrival onto the mail-order razor blades market (we didn’t know it existed either) – the success of the 90-second film was phenomenal, with 12,000 people subscribing to the brand’s service in the first 48 hours of its upload. Why does it work? Because it boldly subverts the ususal brand messaging that we’ve all become so familiar with and employs quirky humour (and some foul language) to make itself memorable. As the film’s director, Lucia Aniello, said “”Learn to trust the funny. If you take a risk, you may get a reward.”

Imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism

Sometimes, in an effort to make you laugh, brands do something that misses the mark and ends up making you sad inside. Kia’s ‘Man of Now’ and ‘Woman of Now’ ads, which first aired in Australia in January are an example of just this. Watch the widely-panned video below and ask yourself, is it meant to be funny? Is it supposed to be clever? Or, as one YouTube commenter suggests, did Kia just rip off George Carlin’s ‘Modern Man‘ routine, strip out everything that made it great, then cast a couple of tremendously unlikeable yupsters (yuppie-hipsters) to deliver the lines?

From the ha-ha-ha-rchives

Every week we’ll bring you a piece of funny brand content from yesteryear. This week it’s Terry Tate, Office Linebacker’s turn. Originally created by Reebok as a commerical to be aired during the Superbowl, this film became the most watched part of the broadcast by people with live recording package TiVo. Why was it so successful? Because what isn’t funny about seeing office workers being tackled by a 20-stone American Football player in full pads and kit? For a bonus point see if you can spot the reference to cult slacker comedy Office Space in the video below.

Author: Tom Owen

A strategic storyteller and compelling content creator, awash with acuity and adept at alliteration. I work for Speak Media.

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