Visual storytelling: how street photography can enhance your brand’s social content

One of our regular editorial contributors and photography enthusiast, Beth Keehn, took to the streets for a workshop in Street Photography with the Royal Academy. As well as snapping local celebrity Bill Nighy (the star of Love Actually and Harry Potter was out for a stroll in the sun!), she picked up some useful tips to share on techniques that will help marketers, content producers – and of course anyone who just loves taking pictures – improve their visual storytelling.

Street photography: keeping it real

Street photography is all about capturing real moments, catching people and places unposed and unaware. Smartphone technology has made it more popular than ever because we now carry a camera with us every day.

The opportunity for brands

Visual content is massively shareable – brands know that their fans love to engage with and share interesting pics, whether behind-the-scenes imagery or a gallery of snaps from a recent event. But how do you avoid boring snaps and get an image that captures the energy of your event, the poise of your brand or the story you want to tell?

Marketers and content teams are also increasingly curating a mass of ‘incoming’ pix from their community, in the form of user-generated content such as Instagram competition entries – and not everyone is an experienced photo editor, so how do you pick the best shots?

Taking (or selecting) vibrant shots that enhance your brand’s content is easier if you get the knack of some techniques used in street photography. Here are our six top tips from Royal Academy tutor Roy Matthews (along with Beth’s snaps from the day!) to give your snaps the means to make a mark.

1.  Find a new angle – capture from above or below


2.  Bring backgrounds to the fore – find an interesting one and wait for the frame you want.


3. Shoot from behind – it can add intrigue or suspense.


4. Use text, lines, reflections or shadows – to help frame the subject in a striking way


5. Blur or pan the camera – who needs Instagram for special FX?


6. Think like paparazzi – If you happen to spot a celebrity, don’t be afraid to ask for a close-up!


(Thanks Bill!)

Author: George Wright Theohari

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