Show and tell: Jeffrey Bowman, illustrator

With nearly a decade of industry experience already behind him, Jeffrey Bowman is a talented young British illustrator with a bright future. He has worked on projects for brands like Converse, Vice Magazine, Howies and the BBC, as well as exhibiting his own work.

In the first in a series of conversations we’ll be having with creatives who inspire us, we sat down with Jeffrey to chat about his past projects, working with brands, as well as some of his other interests.

Could you describe your visual style for those that might not be familiar with your work.

My work is a mixture of textures, bold colour and line work, all held together by ideas and fun!

What are your favourite projects/collaborations that you’ve worked on to date?

I’ve worked with a lot of very varied clients and briefs, I really enjoy working across a broad range of projects, as that keeps it interesting. Adapting your ideas and skills to suit a brief. I think the ones that have challenged me are always the best.

Jeffrey Bowman for Print for Good
Jeffrey Bowman for Print for Good

Which brands would you love to work with?

At the moment I’m trying to work more in the outdoor and climbing markets. My life is fuelled by a love of nature, and I would love to contribute to the industry. Companies like Fjallraven, Berghaus and Poler Stuff are companies I’d really like to work with.

Who or what has influenced your work most?

Through all of my work there’s a sense of exploration, this has been the biggest influence on my work, exploring the world and life.

Jeffrey Bowman for Digital Arts Magazine.

Which brands do you think do visual content well and why?

At the moment I think brands like Poler Stuff are getting it right, they aim their products at young outdoor enthusiasts – all their products and graphics are perfect for the market.

What does illustration bring to a campaign that other techniques don’t?

I think illustration brings a sense of personality to a campaign. It can have a real human feel to it, and if the right illustrator is used they can express and capture a brand’s ideas in the work.

What makes or breaks a creative brief?

It’s all down to a brand/company being honest with you and about themselves, giving you as much info as possible, but also telling you their story and inviting you into their lives.

If you could learn how to do one new thing what would it be?

A realistic thing would be to code websites, that would open up my work to a whole new market. But I would love to be able to work with wood making my own tools, building cabins and making canoes!

Jeffrey Bowman for Salomon

What would you be doing if you weren’t an illustrator?

A mountain guide.

Any wise words to leave us with?

Enjoy nature and all it has to offer.

Thanks Jeffrey!

Author: johannapearson

Junior designer at Speak Media

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