Content brand of the week: Boxfresh, the brand that’s living for the weekend.


What is a Boxfresh, and why should I care?

The term comes from hip-hop slang, referring to new trainers that are fresh out of the box. You should care because the British street wear brand of the same name has been throwing out some compelling content of late.

Oh, you mean the cheeky chaps who unleashed thousands of mini ‘Boxzillas’ around Manchester last year?

That’s them, although things have moved on quite a bit since then. The brand relaunched its blog in May, and in June it announced a partnership with Noisey (the music arm of super-snarky Vice magazine) to create a series of films called ‘Before Monday Comes’. The brand has hyped the videos a lot on social, creating a hashtag and using this to create weekly conversations with fans. Boxfresh has also been running competitions on Facebook and Instagram, asking followers to submit images of what they’ll be doing ‘Before Monday Comes’.


Sounds like they’ve gone to a lot of trouble; what are the films about?

There’ve been two episodes so far following techno/dubstep DJ Dismantle as he explores underground music scenes in some of the world’s most iconic cities. The first two episodes released were set in Stockholm, with Dismantle taking in some of the city’s finest clubs, bars and an underground secret rave, all on the brand’s dollar.

Nice work if you can get it.

Yes, but the brand has done well out of it too. The first two episodes (the only ones released so far) are both nice pieces of brand content – not too pushy with product placement, and we think Dismantle’s affable, laddy charm will chime with the brand’s core consumers.

How has Boxfresh gone about making sure those consumers actually see the videos?

Well the partnership with Noisey certainly can’t have hurt – the mag’s credibility is pretty much unquestioned among the urban youth. Beyond that there’s been some pick-up from other digital publications, Lost At E Major and Fresh Like This to name but two. There was also a free-to-attend, ‘Before Monday Comes’ launch party featuring a host of up and coming acts, Dismantle topping the bill, and Benga appearing as special guest.

Benga? Let me just check Resident Advisor…

Benga was one of the pioneers of dubstep, which in the Boxfresh social circle makes him kind of a big deal.

Very impressive, and has it worked?

It would seem so. The first film in the series is the most viewed video on the brand’s YouTube channel since 2011 with over 3,500 plays in the last three weeks.

What else have they been up to?

The new blog we mentioned earlier is a great exercise in content marketing too, offering readers an editorial slice of London life, and covering essential topics like food, music and film.

Sounds ‘banging’.

Indeed. We love how Boxfresh is creating content that is intended to build brand love and give value to its consumers, reflecting and validating their lifestyle rather than just selling products. The wide-reaching remit of the Boxfresh blog is a good sign that the brand has an editorial team in place to keep that all-important content flowing. Finally, Boxfresh’s understanding of its consumers, where they are and what they’re into means the material they’re creating is chiming with the right people.

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Author: Tom Owen

A strategic storyteller and compelling content creator, awash with acuity and adept at alliteration. I work for Speak Media.

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