Spaceships, thongs and dirty burgers – thank you Glastonbury!

Three of the Speak team headed down to Worthy Farm this weekend to take in some fun, sun and good old rock ‘n’ roll at the Glastonbury Festival. We tried to catch up with Tom, Paul and Callum yesterday but they were still too sleep deprived to string a coherent sentence together. Now they’ve rejoined the land of the living, here are their highlights.

Tom – struck by lightning

Tom is our Junior Copywriter, he thinks he’s been to four Glastonbury festivals. Or is it five?

Band of the weekend

The Arctic Monkeys’ set on Friday night was something very special. The band have clearly matured in the last couple of years and they’re much warmer, more accomplished all-round performers.

Freakiest festival sight

I saw an act called the Lords of Lightning on Saturday night. They stand on two podiums wearing full body suits made of something like chain-mail. Then the podiums are electrified like a giant Van Der Graaf generator and the two chaps ‘fight’ each other. Using real bolts of lightning.


Camping disaster

Nothing major this year, although I should perhaps have worn a bit more sun cream on Friday afternoon.

Tastiest food stand

I had a Cajun Crawfish Gumbo, which was great. I also loved the guys at @LeRacShack selling Raclette from a 1977 Citroen van. Londoners can catch them at Borough Market most weekends.

Smartphone battery life

I’m proud to say my battered old iPhone 3GS still had 48% battery when we left the festival site on Monday morning.

Paul – rum and soak

Paul is our client director. A passionate music fan, he has been to Glastonbury nine times.

Band of the weekend

For a ‘plastic scouser’ with an obvious predisposition for John, Paul, Ringo and George, I was pretty chuffed that The Stones pulled off an incredible show on Saturday night. At 69 Mick gave one of the best front man performances I’ve seen in the last nine years on the Pyramid stage.


Freakiest festival sight

Probably most of the people still walking around at 5am on Monday morning. Aside from them, there was this bloke who was explaining about the spaceship that had arrived at the site two years ago (once everyone had left) and dropped off some orbs a quarter of a mile north of the main stage. He told me that I was a “starseed” – news to me.

Camping disaster

Waking up in a litre of Sailor Jerry rum on day 2 – the sports cap Volvic bottle wasn’t a good idea as a pillow.

Tastiest food stand

The Chimichanga stall was a good place to start each day.

Smartphone battery life

Typically, the iPhone 5 battery ran out just as I approached the site on Thursday afternoon, which probably wasn’t a bad thing.

Callum – the unhappy camper

Callum lends us occasional editorial support as one of our network of creative collaborators. He has been to Glastonbury twice but has been involved on the press and PR side for much longer.

Band of the weekend

The Hives were truly fantastic. After two decades together they have the whole ‘best live band in the world’ thing absolutely nailed.

Jim Dyson/Getty Images
Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Freakiest festival sight

On the first day of the festival I saw an 18-stone man wearing nothing but a thong – I fear that may be a sight that stays with me for some time.

Camping disaster

I foolishly bought a tent that was about a foot too short for my body, resulting in four nights sleeping with my feet in a plastic bag sticking out of the zipper.

Tastiest food stand

The Dirty Burger Bar by Arcadia. It’s run by a Bristol catering business who decamped to Pilton for the weekend to serve deliciously dirty, organic burgers.

Smartphone battery life

I brought a Nokia 3210. Nothing ‘smart’ about that but it did last all weekend.

Goodbye Glastonbury, we’ll see you next year!

Author: Tom Owen

A strategic storyteller and compelling content creator, awash with acuity and adept at alliteration. I work for Speak Media.

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