Content brand of the week: Red Bull, the brand that elevates, stimulates and Imaginates

Red Bull Wallpaper By Malid Snake

Red Bull? Never heard of ‘em.

Red Bull is an Austrian energy drink created in 1987 – the founder, who used to market toothpaste, took the Thai concept of a caffeine boost, branded it in blue, silver and red, and ran with it. Red Bull is now worth more than £3.5billion.

Ahhh! The brand that skydived from the edge of space, I remember. What has Red Bull done now – put a rollercoaster on Saturn?

Not quite – it did however build a life-size childhood toy playground for their star UK stunt rider Danny MacAskill – and created a ride film called Imaginate.

And do they only deal with stunt enthusiasts?

Not quite, they also:

  • Own more than 15 sports teams worldwide, including their own F1 team
  • Sponsor thousands of athletes all over the globe
  • Own or sponsor 5+ arenas and stadiums
  • Run over 20 global events

They’ve got fingers in a lot of pies then – why has Imaginate, a relatively small UK-based stunt, caught your eye this week?

Imaginate perfectly captures Red Bull’s slogan – ‘gives you wings’ – a metaphor with which to convey the product’s twin USPs – mental and physical stimulation.

Red Bull lives by its slogan, emphasising the importance of energy and how it allows you to do anything you put your mind to. Imaginate was a concept in Danny MacAskills mind before Red Bull got hold of it…

…and now it’s a real-life, full-sized, Technicolor playground.


Did the brand do anything else under this ‘Imaginate’ banner?

Sure. It set up a Q&A with MacAskill for Reddit users, and also created a neat little ‘arrange the tiles’ puzzle on Pinterest to really get people’s social juices flowing.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 18.30.40

Impressive. Break it down one more time for me, why is Red Bull content brand of the week?

Red Bull has made a habit of producing inspiring, energetic, innovative mind bending content that speaks to their target consumer – a consumer not defined by demographic, but by state of mind. The Red Bull consumer is active, dynamic, progressive – the kind of consumer we’d all like to be.

Red Bull’s consistency and clarity of message is what sets it apart. Imaginate is just one in a long line of creative, compelling content projects that the brand has produced.

With Red Bull’s global dominance set to continue, more brands need to follow the drinks giant’s example and ensure the way they speak to their customers is in-line with their brand ethos. Inconsistencies in simple areas like tone of voice, or a failure to communicate your values can make the difference between brand love and market apathy.


Author: Nick van Buuren

Account Executive at Speak Media

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