Blazing Saddles, Burgers and the Art of Apology


It’s been a hard month for the frozen food industry. A supermarket sweep of damning test results has left several major food stores and suppliers out in the cold. Taco Bell, Tesco, Findus, Bird’s Eye and even flat-pack favourites Ikea have been found guilty of not recognising when a cow is not in fact a cow, but a horse.

The flurry of press releases made by the companies responsible has pushed one of the slipperiest of written forms into the spotlight, the public apology. Copywriters behind the sorry statements have faced an unenviable task, the basic assumptions behind their job – to write to sell – turned upside down.

Sometimes sorry really is the hardest word. Ikea have found apologising so difficult that they have chosen not to issue a statement, which begins to appear sensible when compared with the efforts of other companies behind Horsegate. Captain Bird’s Eye’s apology is more…

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Author: George Wright Theohari

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