A content case study: Kickers by Christopher Shannon

If you want to see the power of exclusive, shareable brand content in action look no further than our most recent digital campaign with Kickers UK – showcasing their collaboration with fashion designer Christopher Shannon. As well as the usual assets in the form of e-mail newsletters and banners, we also produced a feature page on Shannon and a blog post featuring a Q&A with the man himself. We made sure we kept the pages we produced ‘shoppable’ without compromising the authenticity of the content – incorporating seamless links back to the e-commerce site from different points throughout the content journey.

Our Q&A with Christopher Shannon

What was really exciting to see was the way that this added-value content got picked up by others and shared around the web. Below is a screengrab of another fashion blog that picked up the story and ‘repurposed’ some of our content from the Q&A.

From the point when we spotted these new uses of our ‘Kickers by Christopher Shannon’ content we watched in eager anticipation as the numbers on the social share buttons attached to each post slowly started to climb – visible proof of our content reaching a wider audience.

Another added bonus has been the boost to SEO performance that all this additional content has provided. The results in the first image are especially strong because ‘Kickers’ doesn’t appear in the keywords. A similar 1,2 result is produced from a “Christopher Shannon Boots” keyword search.

The Kickers blog page and the Q&A post come second and third in the SERP for “Christopher Shannon Collaboration”
“Christopher Shannon Kickers Q&A” produces Kickers brand content in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th place on the Google front page.

Of course, seeing our content go out into the world like this fills us with a range of emotions much akin to a parent sending their kids off to school for the first time – there’s pride, joy and more than a little trepidation. Will people like it, will it make friends, will it be good at maths? Well maybe not those last two but certainly the first one.

Below are a few more screengrabs of the content we created for the Kickers by Christopher Shannon launch.

Author: George Wright Theohari

Branding | Content | Design. We develop and deliver beautifully effective communications across print, digital and film. enquiries@speakmedia.co.uk http://www.speakmedia.co.uk

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