Do look now: The tricks and treats of Halloween email marketing

Halloween is coming. E-tailers everywhere are looking to cash in on the festivities, and we’ve been receiving all kinds of scary marketing material to our email inboxes.

Some are subtle: the British Film Institute promise Light & Dark in their new exhibition, so that any marketing association with the Halloween season is implicit.

Others are weird and wonderful – Manchester United have promised ‘devilish Halloween behaviour’ at Old Trafford, with a spooky moving graphic that isn’t what it seems. The mood is dark and cinematic, an effective and interesting approach from a brand that doesn’t have obvious Halloween appeal:

Scariest of all is Hotel Chocolat’s email campaign, however. Bringing to the fore an impressive array of marketing techniques, the sweet treat retailer has produced an engaging campaign that should do the business in one of its busiest periods. Competitions to encourage customer interaction, wordplay (because Halloween is the most pun-derful time of year) and a colour scheme that blends into the brand’s usually-sophisticated palette, the results are fun and impressive. There’s even long-form poetry, something that scares even the bravest of marketing men – and HC are confident enough in their wordplay to ask readers to ‘share their hair-raising rhyme’:

If HC are providing the digital marketing tricks, we’ll bring the treats..

Q – What did the monster do when he lost his hand?
A – He went to a second hand store.

Q – How do you help chickens that are possessed by evil spirits?
A – Using an Eggsorcist

Q – What do a vampire and false teeth have in common?
A – They both come out at night

Callum Dunbar

Author: George Wright Theohari

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