Tasty cookie pages – 10 examples of how brands are implementing cookie law (part 1)

It’s been interesting to see more and more ‘new cookie law’ pages coming online over the last week or so as the implementation deadline loomed – and, as Speak Media has been helping some of our clients draft their versions, we have been gathering a range of examples to see who’s doing what.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it does give a good spread of approaches in terms of presentation and level of detail – but bear in mind that many brands will be rushing to review what they’ve done in light of the 11th hour change by the ICO to introduce ‘implied consent’.

1. Santander sends a new cookies email

We’re starting, perversely, with an email rather than a webpage (but bear with us…). The bank took a more proactive approach than many – rather than waiting for customers to visit the website to see what’s changing,they took the message to the customer with a very friendly and nicely-designed email (note the consumer-friendly roundel bearing the key message about privacy).

The main message content is clear and simple – a four-point guide to what Santander uses cookies for, and a paragraph on each of the two main types of cookies used – session and persistent.

Interestingly, they take a much more subtle approach than other brands when you visit the site – no pop-ups, not big messages, just a tiny link in the top right corner of the homepage. We wouldn’t have noticed it if we hadn’t been looking hard. Good job we got the email! Santander new cookies page

2. BBC does it best?

As with their FOI pages, which are help up as best practice examples (and used as   ‘models’!) by many brands, the Beeb has pulled out all the stops for their new cookie pages. Including our favourite cheeky-girl-grabbing-a-cookie-out-of-the-jar image (left).

The only downside with their well-thought out approach – which provides four separate pages within the Privacy and Cookies section covering: About cookies, BBC & Cookies,  Managing Cookies, International Users – is that you don’t get a single summary screen with shorter versions all the headline info (you need to click through and read the full, comprehensive info in each section).

Having said that, the quality of the information (and links) provided is as you’d expect top-notch, and there is also the killer feature that enables you to manage your cookie settings for all BBC content with four simple clicks from within the site – no fiddling about with your browser settings necessary:

BBC new cookies page

3. Kickers keeps it simple

In contrast to the BBC’s all-encompassing approach, the fashion footwear brand Kickers stick to a single page, covering three types of cookies and three bits of essential info (which they cutely tag ‘A few more crumbs of cookie-related info’) – using a total of 400 words. The tone tastes right – relaxed, simple and friendly – making for a cookies page that’s very easy for their consumers to digest (that’s enough cookie puns for now). Kickers new cookies page

Please comment with links to more sites you’ve spotted doing cool stuff with cookies, so we can add them to the list – more of ours to follow in part two.

Author: George Wright Theohari

Branding | Content | Design. We develop and deliver beautifully effective communications across print, digital and film. enquiries@speakmedia.co.uk http://www.speakmedia.co.uk

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