‘I don’t give a shit what other agencies do’ – How to get ahead in advertising (the David Buonaguidi way)

“I don’t give a shit what other agencies do, it’s not important and you get very little inspiration from the ad business. Look elsewhere and be inspired to change the business.”

David Buonaguidi, chief creative officer at Karmarama, gives it straight (what else would you expect) to students at the School of Communication Arts. He’s one of the high-profile mentors interviewed, and for my money the giver of most memorable lines in the article (not surprisingly for the founder of what’s billed as the fastest growing creative agency in the UK Top 25). Here’s another lifted from the Q&A, in answer to how he got into advertising:

“While working behind the bar of my dad’s Italian restaurant I watched lots of ad men having the time of their lives and thought I would have some of that too. Sadly, by the time I started that era was well and truly over. I did a design course at college and got summer job placements, put together a book and then rode the beautiful horse that is lady luck.”

And one more (for lady luck) – his frank appraisal of the merits or otherwise of the SCA following his first visit:

“Honestly, I thought it was very interesting, but still had the same problem that other colleges suffer from which is that the business moves so fast and that college courses need to move as fast or even faster. Also, there was an air of “we go to SCA, and we deserve a job.” I found this at St.Martin’s too. Maybe it’s just a London thing, but several colleges outside of London are very competitive and we could learn from that. I felt it could be better, and spend less time being a cool London college and trying to be the most innovative and interesting communications college instead.”

via School of Communication Arts says ‘be our mentor’ | The Drum.

Author: George Wright Theohari

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