My funny Valentine: humour in marketing emails

Humour is hard to get right, especially using the written word – but done well it can go a long, long way to drawing a customer’s attention to your message in a crowded inbox. That’s even more true at periods of peak direct marketing activity such as Valentine’s Day*.

We won’t pretend there are hard and fast rules, but as with any creative endeavour, if you have to force it, it’s probably a sign that the joke won’t work.

And, of course, keep it simple. Finally, stay on brand – your brand’s sense of humour should fit its personality. Liberty wouldn’t be Liberty if it started sounding like a Purple Ronnie card… which brings me on to one of my e-commerce emails this Valentine’s Day, sent by Liberty last week:

It’s not wildly original, or even wildly funny, but the quirky-but-traditional image and the very simple concept hooked me in a split-second, caught me slightly off guard, made me chortle, and basically put me in a warm, receptive mood that meant I was happy to read on… and find out what Liberty is actually selling this Valentine’s Day.

*relationship saving tip for lovers reading this message on day of posting: Valentine’s Day is very close, drop everything and ACT NOW to buy card, flowers, chocs, and any other treats you can think of. Go!

Author: George Wright Theohari

Branding | Content | Design. We develop and deliver beautifully effective communications across print, digital and film.

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